75” Ultra HD Interactive Digital Board



  • Floating Tool Bar
  • SoC and LG webOS
  • IDB App for Efficient Collaboration
  • LG UHD Technology
  • LG IPS Panel with Wide Viewing Angles and True Color
  • Auto Signal/Touch Switching


The LG Interactive Digital Board (IDB) Series of products have been developed as a means of maximizing the effectiveness of meetings. The use of an IDB can also be extended beyond general business meeting rooms to various places such as fashion design offices, hospitals, military command centers, and architectural offices.

The LG IDB, powered by the IDB app, is the optimal solution to meet the requirements of meeting spaces. It helps facilitate a successful meeting by driving participants to freely submit their ideas on the screen using the intuitive touch and writing tools, as well as encouraging engagement thanks to easy connectivity and crisp graphics for high readability.





Experience Intuitive Touch and Writing

• The advanced touch technology enables intuitive and precise touch responses.
• The embedded writing application is an optimized tool for writing directly onto the board.







                                                                                          Facilitate Efficient Collaboration Without a PC

                                                                                                                                         • The webOS 3.0+ smart platform makes it possible to collaborate without the need                                                                                                                                                for a PC based on its high performance.

• The embedded IDB app enhances the optimized work-flow for efficient                                                                                                                                                                    collaboration.





Ultra HD Picture Quality

• Ultra HD resolution presents details clearly and without distortion even in zoom mode, providing clear images.
• The LG IPS panel provides a wide viewing angle with accurate colors.

Precise Touch Performance

• Quick Response and Detailed Writing: The screen recognizes small touch points accurately and instantly shows the response to the touch point. This kind of accuracy and granularity means that users can use IDB both as a realistic handwriting tool and for detailed complex content such as drawings.

• Pen Thickness Variation: The thickness of the pen can be adapted to the user’s writing speed, even when using the passive pen. Lines or characters become bolder as the writing speed increases. This makes users feel as if they are writing on paper using their usual ballpoint pen.

• Multi-touch It allows multi-touches from 20 points (86TR3D) to 40 points (TC3D Series) so that multiple participants can simultaneously use touch features.

• Scratch-Resistant and Anti-Shatter Glass: The LG IDB has an advanced tempered screen coating to minimize scratches*. In addition, its anti-shatter glass is designed to minimize harm to the user, even in the event of an external shock.

• Intuitive Touch: Users will find the IDB easy to use because the touchscreen performance feels similar to their mobile phones or tablets.

• No Dead Zone: Unlike IR touch screens, the display accurately detects touch points at the corners and edges of the display.